Engagement of volunteers - European Solidarity Corps

We are currently in the process of trying to join the European Solidarity Corps (ESC), programme, financed by the European Commission, still this year. We will be sharing updates about the outcome and recruitment of volunteers on our website and social media pages.

Within the project, we will be able to host national and international volunteers aged from 18 to 30 years old, willing to volunteer in the Strawberry Fields ecovillage for a period from 2 to 12 months. In the first period of the programme volunteers will be involved in development of the Foundation and ecovilage’s infrastructure, helping with construction of buildings and other structures using natural materials and sustainable building techniques, as well as other works with plants, soil and animals,
creating self-supporting permaculture systems.

The volunteers are provided with accommodation, food, reimbursement of international travel and local transport costs, insurance and pocket money. In addition, the organisation provides all materials necessary for carrying out the expected work, support and guidance of the mentor and Polish language classes.

People interested in volunteering can get registered in the database of the European Solidarity Corps.