Do you want to join the Strawberry Fields Ecovillage?

Neither the Ecovillage nor the Foundation sells or facilitates selling of real estates.

We are open to welcoming a few more individuals or families sharing our values, who want to act for the environment and for creating a good shared good place to live.

We do not have rules and regulations and do not practice interviews. However, we coexist here peacefully and do not want to change that, so if one has other plans, we suggest looking for another place.

People potentially interested in joining us are welcome to contact us. First of all, we need to get to know each other, preferably in person. And we will be happy to help as far as possible, share information and advice about the real estate nearby and how to go about it. It is also possible to act or settle on our land; this depends however on individual talks after getting to know each other.