We’re only truly secure when we can look out our kitchen window and see our food growing and out friends working nearby.

Bill Mollison

When we plant trees, we plant the seeds of peace and seeds of hope.

Wangari Maathai

The human being was a happy creature, but he created a hard world and now struggles trying to
break out of it.

Masanobu Fukuoka

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The Strawberry Fields Foundation was founded in Dębe, near Czarnków, Poland, in January 2021, by an initiative of the people involved in creation of the Strawberry Fields ecovillage, cand their friends. The ecovillage aims at development of a supportive and possibly self-sufficient community motivated by the three ethical principles of permaculture: care of the people, care of the Earth and return of the surplus. The Foundation aims to support development of the Strawberry Fields ecovillage as a permaculture demonstration site, as well as to raise awareness about permaculture, sustainability and regenerative processes among local communities around Lubasz and Czarnków and to cooperate with organisations and networks of similar objectives.

Some of the main fields of our interests include:

  • Regenerative processes: we want to support natural regenerative processes through our work with soil, biodiversity enhancement, creation of the food forests, regenerative agriculture and application of permaculture design to shaping of our landscape.

  • Food, water and energy self-sufficiency: we aim, to the extent possible, to become self-sufficient, building upon integration of traditional craftsmanship with new technologies, using renewable sources of energy.

  • Natural building: we opt for natural materials and sustainable construction solutions, designing stable people- and environment-friendly systems. We struggle to reduce our carbon and water footprint.

  • Nature-based education and awareness-raising activities: we want to share our experiences with local communities and other people around us, include them in our projects, inspire them to start their own initiatives and support synergistic actions.


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The Truskawkowe Pola Foundation
Ul. Huby 11
64-720, Dębe

KRS: 0000882500
NIP: 7632145156
REGON: 388135073

Bank account:
PL 17 1090 1391 0000 0001 4763 6540